Educator EZ-900

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Educator EZ-900 Electric Dog Training Collar

The Educator EZ-900 remote training system is loaded with all of the impressive features that you have come to expect from Educator Collars, but series exclusive features like adjustable vibration and multiple types of tone with volume control set this e-collar apart from the rest.

Dog owners and trainers who are searching for an electric dog training collar that surpasses all the rest when it comes to innovation and features will be delighted to discover the NEW Easy Educator EZ-900 e-collar. The EZ-900 model is designed to offer a wide variety of stimulation levels and modes, 7 types of vibration and 4 types of tone, enabling you to train very small, skittish or sensitive dogs as well as larger, more stubborn breeds, and even dogs with hearing impairment. Additionally, if you’re planning on training an additional dog in the future, this remote trainer is easily expandable to a 2 dog system at any time with the purchase of an additional receiver-collar.

The most versatile remote trainer in the world is also surprisingly simple to use. The EZ-900 features "Lock and Set", which allows the user to set a "working level" as well as a boost level. The EZ-900 offers an impressive computer interface tool that makes customizing your e-collar a breeze. Simply download the free tool, click through the drop down menus, and your remote training system will be tailored to your dog’s specific needs in a matter of minutes.

The Educator EZ-900 Features Include:

  • ½ Mile Range
  • 100 Level of "Blunt" Stimulation
  • 5 Stimulation Modes
  • 7 Vibration levels
  • 4 Types of Tone with Volume Control
  • "Lock and Set"
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries (2 hour Rapid Charge)
  • Designed for Dogs Weighing 5 to 150 lbs.
  • Customize from Your Home Computer

5 Stimulation Modes to Choose From:

  • Momentary - Momentary Pulse of Stimulation
  • Momentary Boost - Momentary Pulse of Boosted Stimulation
  • Continuous - Continuous Stimulation up to 10 Seconds
  • Continuous Boost - Continuous Boosted Stimulation up to 10 Seconds
  • Patented “InstaStim” - Allows gradual stimulation with the thumb wheel without any button pushing

7 Vibration Modes to Choose From:

  • H - High Continuous Vibration
  • M - Medium Continuous Vibration
  • L - Low Continuous Vibration
  • TS-H - High Tapping Sensation – 1 second on and 1 second off
  • TS-M - Medium Tapping Sensation – 1 second on and 1 second off
  • TS-L - Low Tapping Sensation – 1 second on and 1 second off
  • TA - Two seconds of Continuous medium vibration followed by continuous stimulation; commonly known as Classical or Pavlovian Conditioning

4 Tone Modes to Choose From:

  • H - High Continuous Tone
  • M - Medium Continuous Tone
  • L - Low Continuous Tone
  • PA - Two seconds of continuous medium tone followed by continuous stimulation; commonly known as Classical or Pavlovian Conditioning

Package Contents

  • (1) Waterproof Collar Receivers
  • (1) Waterproof Transmitter
  • (1) 3/4” X 30” Biothane Collars
  • (2) Sets of Contact Points (1) 5/8” and (1) 3/4”
  • Contact Point Removal Tool
  • Universal (120V/240V) Dual Lead Battery Charger
  • Charger Splitter Cable
  • Owner’s Manual with Training Tips
  • Lanyard
  • Belt Clip

Educator EZ-900 Dimensions:

  • Collar Receiver: 2.0”X1.5X1.1”, 2.4 oz.
  • Biothane Collar Strap: ¾” X 30”, 1.46 oz. (Ready to Cut to Size)
  • Advanced Remote:  4”X1.8”X1.25” 4.2 oz.
  • Complete System in Box: 11”X6.9”X2.2”, 1.2 lbs.

The Educator EZ-900 come with a 2 year / limited life warranty.

More Information
Manufacturer Code EZ-900-CP
Brand E-Collar Technologies
Temperament Soft to Normal
Transmit Range Up to 1/2 Mile
Expandable Up to 2 dogs
Becon Light Yes
Correction Levels 100
Receiver Battery Life 40-60 Hours
Transmitter Battery Life 40-60 Hours
Floating Transmitter Yes
Static Stimulation Yes
Tone Yes
Vibration Yes
Waterproof Yes
Receiver Dimensions 2" x 1.5" x 1
Transmitter Dimensions 4.2” x 1.3"
Receiver Weight 2.4 oz
Transmitter Weight 3.4 oz