About Us

While searching for a K9 tee in early 2018, I was hit with one fact. There were zero fun K9 tees out there. Why? Because no handlers were making them.  End of Leash was born. Why End of Leash? End of Leash comes from my experience at Lackland AFB MWD school. During obedience the instructors would shout out the commands, "S-I-T DOG, MOVE!!", "D-O-W-N DOG, MOVE!!", and "End of Leash DOG, MOVE!!" and we would perform the tasks.

End of Leash is veteran owned and operated LLC. As a former US Air Force and former handler for a local Sheriff's Office in Florida, I know what it takes to make your team one of the best in the world. I know the blood, sweat, and tears you put in to this honorable craft. We want to celebrate this pride through our products. 

We are dedicated to bringing the fun, unique, and pride of being a handler to shirts and other items. If you want to have a fun shirt with a play on our craft or simply want to show off your handler pride, join our pack. I know nothing is better than to see your partner perform after all that hard work. Handlers are a special breed of people. We put our careers on hold. We sacrifice promotions because you will never have a partner like what is at the end of your leash. The loyalty and bond between you and your partner are unmatched.  

Enjoy and stay safe,

Rick Nelson

End of Leash, LLC