The End of Leash Training App

Introducing The End of Leash Training App!

Don't have $1200 in your budget to get your private obedience training? Want to learn how to do it yourself?

Get all the benefits of a private trainer at the tip of your finger tips for a fraction of the price! 

We created a gym app for dog training! Push notifications to help you keep on track with your training schedule. Sets with reps style dog training! 

Over 100 different training programs from Basic Obedience to Monthly Maintenance plans. Videos to walk you through everything. Written guides on what to do! 

These are the same programs I use with each client I have!

Articles to help you learn! 

Download and purchase the program for the introductory $30 dollars a month get a day for FREE! Cancel anytime! 



The End of Leash Training App, the only app you will need to train your dog!