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I have been very picky in looking for a dog trainer for my “aggressive” dog, Ozzy. I have done countless hours of research and I finally reached out to Rick with End of Leash. We set up a time for him to come and meet with our pack and Rick shared with us pointers to get us started with his trainings. Rick is extremely knowledgeable with dog training and has the credentials to back it up. If you’re looking for a reputable dog trainer look no further. I highly recommend him.

Kallea James


Rick was the best choice for training our golden. She was so excited when she knew he was here. Rick is very patient and consistent. He is very helpful with all questions and made understanding how to maintain training so easy!



Rick has helped me tremendously in handling my Dutch Shepherd. His experience as a k9 handler with working breeds was exactly what I sought in a trainer. His sessions with us as a team do not disappoint. My Dutchie is fairly high drive and loves her time with Rick. As a Dutchie though she can be a bit over the top with excitement and Rick has helped me with my skills as a handler in this regard. It’s not just the dog that needs training! He has made me more aware when it’s handler error! My Dutch has developed very nicely in impulse control and general obedience. I would recommend Rick for any breed considering his knowledge and experience as a k9 handler



End of Leash is great and has surpassed my expectations. I started with a six month old wild belgian malinois, now I have an obedient malinois that loves to train. I've learned so much through training as well. Rick is super helpful and will shoot you straight on what you need to do. Looking forward to furthering Ash's training more in the future with Rick.



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